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About Us

About the Vertikal business and people

At Vertikal, we bring a deep understanding of vertical garden design, sustainability, engineering, management and plant life to each and every project.

What we do

We specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of commercial and luxury residential vertical garden projects across Australia.

Who we are

We are a tight team with skills in horticulture, design and operations, based in Sydney. Over a decade in the business, we have trialled many vertical garden systems, without finding one that met all our needs – or those of our clients.

Hence the time came to design the SkALE system – that:

  • better addressed the many issues plaguing existing products
  • presented design possibilities never before considered.

See some of our vertical garden projects built on the SkALE system.

Who we collaborate with

We see all of our relationships as partnerships in creating remarkable, sustainable living design that delights clients and meet KPIs. We work alongside:  

  • Architects, designers, developers, contractors and nurseries.
  • High quality growers to source and secure the best plant stock available.
  • Horticulturally trained and certified maintenance specialists.

How we work

Creating a vertical garden is an intricate journey. Take a look at the step-by-step process from inception to completion.

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