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Key Planning Considerations

key considerations when planning to install a green wall:

01. Is the wall Vertikal are affixing to structurally adequate to 50kgs per sqm? If not, additional structural support or an independent framework may need to be installed to support the weight of the green wall.

02. If internal – how much ambient light is there within the space where the green wall will be? 

03. Will additionally LED grow lighting be required?

04. Is there a nearby water point or tap? If not a plumber will be required to bring a feed from the nearest water point, via our irrigation equipment to the green wall location.

05. What is directly below the wall? Can the small amount of excess water drain directly to the ground below, or do Vertikal need to supply a trough (or similar) along the base length of the green wall? Can a drainage point be installed to channel the excess water away?

06. Do edibles work well within green walls? Answer – not really as they are seasonal and once they die back will leave the exposed hardware of the green wall in plain view. Vertikal would always recommend a raised planter bed or a small out of sight portion of the wall be utilised for herbs or edibles.

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