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Vertikal’s patented ‘Skale’ system is arguably the best residential greenwall in the Australian market. 

The nature of our offset ‘Skale’ system allows us to create bespoke solutions for clients whereby full coverage or partial coverage of a wall can be achieved. 

Our expert team will select a palette in conjunction with you, the client, to create an amazing greenwall that will enhance your home for many years to come.

Vertikal have a predetermined plant palette for all orientations of greenwall. Whether it is a full sun west facing wall, through to a wall in total shade, our expert team have the plants to suit.

Once installed, our proprietary maintenance team will look after your greenwall and ensure it remains lush and vibrant for many years to come. 

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Recent residential projects by Vertikal

Residential project gallery


Urban Family Oasis

Our renovation was very much a “make it up as you go” approach and we knew that a fantastic backyard...
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Poolside Residential

A great example of how a Vertikal greenwall can transform an otherwise undesirable view into living work of art. You...
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Potts Point Terrace

This property achieved a record $13M sale price to become the most expensive terrace in Australian history. Our clients quote...
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