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Breakfast Creek Lifestyle Project

Project Info

Client LSH Property Australia
Location Brisbane
Architect Cottee Parker
Builder John Holland
Date July 2019

Project Description

“As the Project Manager responsible for building the new home for Mercedes-Benz Brisbane, one of the most prestigious and high-end buildings in Brisbane, I needed certainty from Vertikal Design for this integral part of the building.

Vertikal successfully sourced and installed all elements of one of Australia’s largest ever greenwall’s, on-time, cost effectively and to a great standard. The plants looked amazing from day one, and have been maintained immaculately ever since.

Thanks to James, Sam and the whole team at Vertikal. You made everything very, very easy.”

Steve Riches | Project Manager
John Holland Group


Vertikal Design in collaboration with LSH Property Australia, Cottee Parker Architects and John Holland Group, were tasked with installing one of the largest greenwalls ever built in Australia.

With over 340sqm of internal planting, a virtual “lung” has been created for the building and its occupants. At a total height of 15m and more than 23m in length, the greenwalls contain over 27 different species of plants. Importantly, the palette includes the top 6 species that have been scientifically proven to reduce the largest number of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) found present in the air. Irrigation for the plants is harvested from rainwater tanks on the roof of the building and in an Australian-first on a project of this scale, LED Grow lighting supports the growth of the plants where there may be a variance in light levels internally.