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St Johns Park Bowling Club

Project Info

Client St Johns Park Bowling Club
Location St Johns Park, Sydney
Architect Cullinan Ivanov Partnership
Date 2014

Project Description

Experienced greenwall maintenance technicians are essential. Vertikal offer a proprietary maintenance service on all of our greenwalls nationally, and the results speak for themselves. This wall is a great example of a wall thriving seven years on. The first image is the freshly planted wall in 2014, the second image being a recent image taken in 2020.


“Vertikal installed a large double sided internal green wall in the entrance foyer of St Johns Park Bowling Club back in 2014, and since then it has become a much loved feature within our venue.


Seven years on and the wall looks better than it ever has. The Vertikal maintenance team do an amazing job each month, and the wall continues to impress.”


Tod Oxborough
Gaming & Operations Manager
St Johns Park Bowling Club