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Urban Family Oasis

Project Info

Client Senta & Andrew Hoyne
Location Surry Hills, Sydney
Date December 2019

Project Description

Our renovation was very much a “make it up as you go” approach and we knew that a fantastic backyard would bring a lot of joy, not only to our three young daughters, but as a family that loves to entertain.

In our last renovation, we ran out of money to do a green wall and always regretted it, so we made sure it was a budget priority this time. We wanted an urban oasis without the hassle of having to maintain it ourselves, especially since we travel often.

The process – The design and installation: 

Vertikal were very responsive to our needs, had a transparent quoting process and talked our builder through all that was required to prepare the wall for installation.

The plants that were recommended were just the look and feel that we were after and they nailed design layout. All the staff were extremely knowledgeable and courteous and moved easily around our shifting timeline.


We couldn’t be happier with the final result and every time I have the back gate open a passerby will comment on how fabulous the wall looks. Combined with our mural by Scott Marsh this wall is a real show stopper.

Having a green wall gives us all the advantage of lush planting in a backyard without losing any space which is so precious for an inner city home.

Thank you Vertikal for creating the most beautiful green wall in our backyard, transforming a blank space into an urban oasis. It puts a smile on my face every day and the fact that you look after it for us is the icing on the cake!