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Host wall preparations and specifications

What your builder needs to know to prepare your wall for a vertical garden

Preparing the host wall

While host wall preparation falls outside our Scope of Work (SOW), it’s vitally important that the contractor responsible fully understands the requirements.

Load capacity

A SkALE vertical garden weighs around 40-50kgs once saturated, so the host wall must be able to withstand this load.


Vertikal uses a proprietary polymer substructure which is  waterproof and will protect the host wall from the majority of irrigation water flow. However, we recommend additional professional waterproofing to avoid the risk of any long-term water damage.

Our polymer substructure sheets (1200mm x 2400mm) affix directly to the host wall via around 8 screws per sheet.

If the host wall has been waterproofed, installing furring channel or top hats is the best option,so the waterproofing membrane isn’t penetrated directly by the mounting of the vertical gardens substructure.

It is imperative that the furring channels be mounted horizontally with 600mm centre’s. Vertikal will provide exact locations with our detailed markups.


Indoor vertical gardens will require a trough with a single drainage point at the base. This should be waterproofed at the same time as the host wall and ideally installed before the substructure.

Host wall specifications

We can provide detailed mark ups once a contract has been entered into. Here are some initial specifications:

  • Once affixed, the pot and substructure will protrude around 160mm from the host wall.
  • Once planted out, the plants may extend to around 400mm off the host wall, dependant on the species chosen.
  • The plants are individually irrigated by drip line that runs along the back of each pot.
  • The irrigation system requires a connection to a water feed at the top of the wall.
  • A 50mm drainage point is recommended at the base of the wall – this should lead to waste, given the addition of a small amount of fertiliser during irrigation.
  • For internal vertical gardens, construct a trough (300mm deep with a 150mm lip) to run the base length of the wall.

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