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Host wall preparations and specifications

What your builder needs to know to prepare your wall for a vertical garden

Preparing the host wall

The importance of preparing the host wall properly cannot be overstated. Vertikal’s D&C service includes a design of a greenwall and species selection suitable to the orientation of the wall. It also allows for a routed Polymer substrate, our ‘Skale’ pots, mature plants, irrigation lines, labour, freight and installation.

Additional services to and from the greenwall that generally fall outside of Vertikal’s scope of work (SOW) are as follows;

  • The saturated weight of the greenwall once planted is around 50kg per square metre, so the wall we are affixing to must be structurally adequate.
  • A 20mm water feed will need to be brought from the nearest water point, via our irrigation equipment to the location of the greenwall. This work must be carried out by a licensed plumber for certification purposes.
  • If the wall is internal, Vertikal will install a powder coated aluminium trough along the base length of the greenwall. Depending on the size of the wall, a 40-100mm drainage point (leading to waste) must be installed at one end of the trough.
  • If there is insufficient ambient light for plant survival, additional LED grow lighting will need to be installed in order to ensure the long term health and viability of the greenwall.


Other useful information

We can provide detailed mark ups once a contract has been entered into. Here are some initial specifications:

  • Once affixed, the pot and substructure will protrude around 185mm from the host wall.
  • Once installed, the plants may extend to around 300-350mm off the host wall, depending on the species chosen.
  • The plants are individually irrigated by drip line that runs in the specially created groove that runs along the back of each pot.
  • Each row of drip line punches into a riser that is installed on the LHS or RHS of the wall. This riser connects to the mains feed.


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