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Vertical Garden Irrigation and Lighting

Vertical Garden Irrigation

Because each vertical wall is unique, so are their irrigation needs, including:

  • the amount of water to give each plant.
  • how often you water them
  • fertilisation requirements

Many factors need to be taken into account when making these decisions, such as geographic location, humidity, temperature, sunlight, shade, wind and more.

Vertical gardens can't be watered by hand

In addition to the risk of plant death from over or under watering the entire garden, watering from the front of the wall results in the foliage causing overflow to cascade down the wall and cause flooding of the plants at the bottom of the wall and wall or floor damage.

SkALE makes watering simple and efficient

Our SkALE system is one of the world’s most water-efficient vertical garden products. It’s irrigation system components include:

  • pod design – includes reservoir and bifurcated drainage
  • drip line technology to each plant
  • irrigation control unit – auto-timer, remote monitoring and management
  • fertigation unit

You just need a nearby water feed, to supply the irrigation system for the vertical garden.

How SkALE's irrigation system works

  • Irrigation is included in the installation process.
  • The system is hidden from the eye.
  • Each plant is individually watered via a drip line that runs along the back of each pod.

Irrigation controllers

  • Plants are watered automatically.
  • Greatly reduces possible errors including over or under watering.
  • Owners can leave plants while away and have complete peace of mind.
  • Multiple vertical walls can often be looked after by one timer customised for each wall.
  • Allows remote monitoring and adjustment of irrigation system.

Automated fertilising

  • Plants are fed via the irrigation system, which provides the exact quantity required.
  • Requires space either behind or close to the wall.

Waste drainage and troughs

Adequate drainage from irrigation is another critical consideration when installing a vertical garden. Typically a trough sits at the base of the wall and:

  • connects to waste drainage
  • captures any excess water
  • some external walls may not require a trough. (Vertikal can advise on this)
  • Reticulation and water pumps are not recommended as a long-term solution.


Vertical garden lighting

Indoor plants are extremely sensitive and require a carefully constructed environment designed by experts to survive. The room for error is small to protect this major investment.

Our lighting team can advise you on light numbers, type, location and where installation fits into the build process. We can also recommend specialist lighting installers. Below are a few other helpful details:

If a vertical garden doesn’t receive adequate sunlight or ambient light, you’ll need extra UV lighting typically provided by the installation of Metal Halide Lamps.

Therefore internal vertical gardens require two lighting systems:

Effect Lighting

Creative use of lighting, whether positioning, colouring, ‘back lit’ elements on the wall or programmed; can enhance the dramatic visual aesthetics of a vertical garden.

Whilst outside of Vertikal’s standard scope of work, we collaborate with lighting contractors to ensure the effect required is achieved.

Photosynthesis Lighting

A seperate system of ‘grow lights’ are required to support photosynthesis which is vital to plant life. These bulbs emit specific light frequencies and are typically metal halide.

They light emitted and is not attractive, therefore we recommend an automatic timer to ensure this lighting system operates outside of business hours. The plants need to sleep as well (darkness) so it’s important to get the timing correct.

When you install a vertical garden, there’s more at stake than your financial investment. They also become a public reflection of your brand.

Calling on expert help to manage your irrigation and lighting will enhance and protect your plant life, financial return, and your brand image.

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