Vertical garden maintenance and care

Choose expert maintenance advice and services to ensure your wall garden thrives and investment prospers

Vertical gardens are more than our business, they’re our passion.

Caring for a vertical garden requires a long term approach, similar to caring for a great bottle of wine; if done well they get better with time.

If not then just like wine, they can quickly turn and spoil.

Outstanding care is at the heart of all Vertikal projects

Vertikal manages the ongoing maintenance and care of all of its projects via a national network of trained horticulturists, giving clients peace of mind.

Vertikal is an invested partner committed to ensuring your vertical gardens remain vibrant for years to come.

Each vertical garden is a living, breathing organism made up of hundreds or thousands of individual plants.

Our maintenance technicians are certified horticulturists with years of experience looking after this amazing and intricate plant world.

Programmed maintenance

Our expert team provide monthly service visits that include:

  • removal of shedding foliage
  • trimming of plants
  • testing the irrigation system
  • testing grow lights
  • refilling fertiliser
  • pest management
  • seasonal refurbishments of plants (optional – additional cost).

Guaranteed replacement plants*

Vertikal is the only company to offer a plant guarantee program. This means:

  • the cost of replacement* plants is included
  • Vertikal is highly incentivised to ensure the long term health of your vertical garden.
  • you or your client can accurately budget for maintenance each month.

*subject to conditions and a 12 month contract.

Plants are the pixels of your wall

Vertikal gardens are often a centrepiece of public space. So just as people will notice the vibrancy and health of the plants in your wall garden, they will also quickly pick up one that is discoloured through ill health or natural shedding.

And one way or the other, will form an opinion.

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