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Vertical Garden Plant Selection

Trust in our vast experience choosing, testing and caring for vertical garden plants in many different aspects, climates and environments.

Selecting plants for vertical gardens is challenging

Success or failure can come down to many different factors, such as the:

  • location of the wall
  • orientation of the wall faces
  • amount of sunlight and/or natural light
  • amount of shade
  • climate
  • type of vertical garden (internal or external)
  • proper management of the crucial ‘settling in’ period

For over 10 years, the Vertikal team have been testing and caring for an incredibly wide variety of plant species growing on indoor and outdoor vertical gardens.

We have a deep understanding of varieties that will ensure the long term health and vitality of your living wall – and which ones will not.

Advice and collaboration

Our plant selection services include consultation and collaboration on:

  • recommended species for your design project
  • aesthetic appeal e.g. colour, texture, leaf profile, size of plant, etc.
  • Australian native requirements
  • Client’s maintenance and on going care limitations.

A healthy and well-maintained vertical garden filled with the right species will still suffer from plant attrition each year, Vertikal offers maintenance and care programs with plant guarantees for clients who wish to budget for a fixed annual cost.

Need to talk plants?

Contact the Vertikal team for specialist vertical garden plant help.