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What every homeowner should know about vertical gardens

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Written by Bettina Deda

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With plants proven to have a positive health impact on both people and the environment, a vertical garden is a life-enhancing, sustainable solution for any home.
Forest Bathing, the Japanese art of immersing yourself in nature with all your senses and without mobile devices or other distractions is becoming more and more popular. City dwellers escape into nature’s embrace to relieve stress and foster mental well-being. Destinations all over the world seduce travellers into the serenity of nature to help them destress and fill up their energy tanks.

So it comes as no surprise that more and more homeowners consider foliage and green walls to embellish their homes. Especially if they find themselves staring at an ugly brick wall from the neighbouring property, bare metal fences surrounding the back garden, or a pool wall that lacks decoration after moving into their dream home.

Vertical gardens are a clever solution to spruce up a small courtyard or patio, the facade of a home, a boring garage wall behind the pool or BBQ area, or an unattractive fence from the neighbours.

The lush green wall on this Northern Beaches property creates a beautiful backdrop for the spa area and a new perspective from inside the home. Vertikal designed the green wall around the existing outdoor shower – demonstrating the versatility of their unique system.
Living organisms that need care

However, vertical gardens are living organisms that need ongoing care to thrive and provide their many benefits. Therefore, it is advisable to ask the specialists. One business that has mastered the art of green walls is Vertikal. With offices in NSW and QLD, they transform ugly walls into stunning plant installations that leave people around them happy and healthy. What’s outstanding is that every four years the clients get a complete change-over of their garden plants to enjoy a new green wall.

This renovation was very much a “make it up as you go” approach and the owners knew that a fantastic backyard would bring a lot of joy, not only to their three young daughters but also to the whole family that loves to entertain.
The benefits of green walls

Plants naturally remove pollutants, dust and toxins from the air, both in indoor and outdoor environments. They function as a natural sound barrier, increasing acoustic absorption and improving ambient noise levels. A green wall regulates temperature and airflow and improves humidity levels, creating a more comfortable environment. Lastly, plants deliver biophilic benefits, meaning they have powerful ‘feel-good’ properties. By introducing green architecture into your home environment, your space becomes intuitively attractive and promotes a sense of well-being. Studies have shown that people surrounded by nature are more creative and productive and just feel happier and healthier overall.

In order to get the best outcome for their vertical garden installation, homeowners should involve the specialists as early in the design process as possible.

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