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Creating vertical gardens

Understand the step-by-step process of creating a vertical garden within your project - and the important questions and elements you need to consider.

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Collaborating with us

From our broad range of project expertise to our unique product and 'everything is possible' approach, discover the many benefits of working with Vertikal.

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See some projects we've collaborated on with leading architects and brands and get inspired about the boundary-pushing possibilities we can bring to yours.

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Green Walls Taking Brisbane and Sydney by Storm

Much like the exquisite green walls and vertical gardens we are famous for, our company has continued to grow and thrive. Find out why Vertikal is the first choice of architects, designers, contractors and developers from Sydney to Brisbane when looking to include green walls in their latest project.

In Sydney, green walls take more than just green thumbs

With over a decade of experience, the team at Vertikal bring their skills in horticulture, design and operations to every project we take on. As our Sydney business grew, we developed and designed a unique system that allowed us to create green walls that are free from the design flaws that often plague living wall projects.

Everyone, and everything, benefits from vertical gardens

Living wall architecture brings many aesthetic, environmental, physiological and business benefits to your building designs, the people who experience them and our precious planet.

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