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Internal Vertical Gardens

Make a statement on your next indoor design project with the world's most flexible and eco-smart vertical garden system.

Considering a vertical garden for the interior of an office building, retail centre, hospitality venue, residential property or another small to medium-sized commercial project?

The experienced Vertikal team can provide all the supply, installation and maintenance services and advice you need to integrate a truly inspiring and sustainable vertical garden into your design.

Below are a few things to consider:

The world’s best water-saving system

Good preparation

When installing internal vertical gardens, it’s vital to properly prepare the host wall  and surrounding area to protect from any water damage. We recommend:

  • Selecting the right materials for the host wall and waterproofing accordingly.
  • Installing a trough and drainage point to catch any excess water flowing through the system.

Smart irrigation

Irrigation provides the key element of plant life; water. Our irrigation system supplies each plant directly with what it needs, ensuring:

  • Long term plant health.
  • Water flow is kept within the confines of the wall.
  • Lowest water consumption rates.

Our on going Maintenance and Care program is enabled by fitting sophisticated timers that allow the automatic scheduling and adjusting of water on site and remotely, so the end user never need worry about the health of their plants

Note: Water reticulation systems are problematic; they can increase water wastage, lead to insect breeding, take up valuable space and increase the risk of major water damage. we do not believe they offer a practical long term solution.

Catering for all light levels

Certain plants better suit different environments. Our horticulturalists can discuss and recommend stunning and practical plant palettes for an internal garden that receive no light, right through to sun drenched walls.

Low light walls will usually require a UV lighting installation. We can help out with this too.

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