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Campbelltown Catholic Club

Project Info

Client Campbeltown Catholic Club
Location Campbeltown
Architect Cullinan Ivanov with Scott Carver
Date 2015

Project Description

“The concept of a  seamless indoor / outdoor garden space was a key element in the idea behind Campbelltown Catholic Club’s new Gaming Lounge. We knew early in the concept stages that a massive Greenwall was the solution to create a lush, cool backdrop to the Lounge. Having worked closely with Greenwall Australia on a successful greenwall at St Johns Park Bowling Club we had no hesitation in seeking their advice in the early stages of the Campbelltown project. Greenwall Aust , understood the concept from the get go and were very helpful in working through solutions for us  – particularly when we wanted to introduce interesting design elements to break up the wall – such as the yellow hex tile bay and the diagonal patterning down the wall which took its inspiration from the layout of the “leaf pattern”  in the ceiling.  Greenwall Aust also assisted with the development on how to construct the idea of the white discs which are spread throughout the wall and are backlit at night creating a very dramatic change to the look and feel of the wall at between day and night.”

Richard Cullinan